Saturday, 26 May 2012


Nearly one week has passed since I completed the Launch plan. I still feel great, probably because I'm eating right food and still juicing daily. 
I must admit, more you have more you want. We finally have sun in the UK, so it is time to get the shorts and summer dresses out of the box. I got mine out on Tuesday and after trying on decided my body needs toning. Despite regular exercise there are still parts of me (in my opinion) far from perfect. Actually, only one part. Lower back. I should be grateful and thankful to nature for giving me the body shape a lot of women desire - pear. I have small waist and curved hips. But being a pear means all the fat from my body is stored on my bottom half. Ok, I have peachy bum, which I secretly hate and my boyfriend loves (I'm kind of the freak that wants a flat one), not too big and not too small apparently. But above that peach there's a top of unevenly risen muffin. My stomach is almost flat, needs only a little bit of toning, but this back muffin top drives me mad at the moment. It's not as bad in the winter, I can cover it with lose jumper etc. It's summer now and I want to wear shorts, maybe even bikini, so it has to go. As I already have quite healthy, balanced diet the only solution is exercise. Work out that will target the middle part of me, focusing on lower back. So, on top of my normal cardio (running, cross trainer, bike etc) I started doing intense ABS workout from Jillian Michaels' DVD - "6 weeks 6 pack". Sounds promising, doesn't it. Why have I picked this one amongst the other ABS workout DVDs? Well, I have been doing Jillian's 30 days shred and it was really good, I toned my legs and arms, which are stronger than ever. She's called the TV's toughest trainer after The Biggest Loser show and let me tell you - she sure is!!! She helped The Biggest Loser contestants work their way to leaner body, she looks totally toned herself too, so whatever she does must be working. 
6 weeks 6 pack workout consists of 2 levels, each around 35 mins including warm up and toning, targeting whole core with a bit of cardio. Must admit, it is very intense, but as we all know, hard work pays off. Hopefully in 6 weeks I will have at least 4 pack and this damn dodgy muffin top will go. 
I should probably post a pic of my stomach now and after 6 weeks, but I really don't like taking pictures of my body when it's not in the shape I want it to be. I might post pics of the result, all depends how confident I feel with my body then. 
Really hope to achieve visible results before mid July, my holiday by the sea. I would love to wear a bikini (if the weather is good enough, it's UK after all) and for that my middle has to be absolutely spot on. 
Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist and was happy with what I already have haha.

Right, time for well deserved today rest. Feel like a long bubbly bath and some pampering. I like to be nice to my body after pushing it to limits like I did today (5k run and other at the gym, followed by 35 mins 6pack work out).

Until next time xxx

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