Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 4

I'm just over half way of the 7 days Launch. Nothing really changed since yesterday, I have a lot of energy and love the taste of my liquid foods.
Day 4 passed under the healthy eating boom at work. After telling everyone about my plan for after the Launch few people got quite interested (I put it down to the fact that "solid" food will get incorporated into my diet which seems to make it easier for others). I've been asked to share some ideas for healthy and nutritious lunches and dinners, so spent most of the day giving recipes for my specials away. I'm pleased people around are getting into healthy eating more, not so much to lose weight but to actually stop feeding themselves with processed "junk" all the time. Don't get me wrong, not saying having a takeaway or packet of crisps every now and then is wrong, far from it. I too enjoy bag of Doritos and dips in front of TV or a pizza on Saturday night, not to mention some cocktails and nibbles in the pub. But everything in moderation and only occasionally. Treats, let's call it, like this keep us satisfied and give us the needed balance. I've also been told, quite a while ago, by a personal trainer I worked with, that eating unhealthy food sometimes will give our metabolism a kick, sending the message to speed up and burn the excess calories. I don't know if it is definitely true, will need to read up about it a bit more.
That would be it for today. Got pretty busy day tomorrow so going to get some well deserved rest now. Fridays at my work are short, but busy, so need to have my batteries on full :)
I want to thank everyone for all the support and great comments I've been getting this week. You are all amazing!!!
Juice love, talk again tomorrow xxx 

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