Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Juicing so far

So I'm back to basics. After emotional roller-coaster over past 2 weeks and very poor (not) eating to go with it I decided I need something to focus on. Something to keep me sane and take mind of things, that hurt me and bother me. So here I am - back to basics - Juice Master 7lbs in 7 days Juice Cleanse.
I've done it before and still remember this amazing feeling. Peace of mind and body. Feeling clean inside. Happiness. Juicing made me feel good about myself and this is the feeling I desperately need back right now.
So juicing it is!!!
It's coming to an end of Day 3 and I already feel great. I experienced only slight headache on the first day, I knew this will happen due to lack of caffeine. Day 1 was the only day I didn't do any exercise and focused on relaxing and pampering. Very much needed day with myself and for myself. I woke up on Monday re-energised and ready for the week ahead. To my surprise, I was more focused at work, more calm and able to deal with stress. Exercise was a lot easier than before, maybe because I actually had some nutrients in my body to keep it going. I didn't even have all juices (you meant to drink 6 a day). Like Juice Master wrote in one of his books, don't force it down if your body doesn't want it. I wasn't hungry at all during past 3 days of juicing. I did feel a little bloated on the first 2 days, but today this feeling has almost disappeared (I think this isn't due to juicing, but more to that hated time of the month - all girls will know what I'm talking about).
Today went smoothly again - I had fabulous workout,  loved my 5k run on juice.
One thing that bothered me yesterday and today was making juices in advance for days at work. I must admit, it can be hard to incorporate juicing into a busy lifestyle of full time working woman always on the go. Even though it only takes about 20 mins, lot less than cooking, it's still a bit of a pain. Not to mention that juices taste a lot better just after they're made. But I have found solution, well my boss actually found a solution. As I own 2 juicers (my beloved Philips one and a smaller, old one I used to use when started juicing  few months ago) my boss came up with idea of setting up a little juice bar in our office kitchen. So tomorrow old juicer is going to work, to take a proud space between the microwave and a coffee machine. I'm secretly hoping that it's presence there will encourage already juice-curious co-workers to try some of my green goodness. Who knows, maybe at the end of it we will be a juicing office :)
I'm slowly starting to feel my old self. My healthy self. I look forward to something, even if it's just having a green juice for breakfast or gym after work. I have something in my life to focus on and be happy about at the moment. Those of you who know me, know how hard it's been recently. It still is, but I find coping with all of it easier having my juicing to focus on. Not to mention these skinny jeans I want to rock at the end of it.

Now is the time to relax and get ready for tomorrow. Bath and book seems like a damn good idea right now.
Till next time,
Juice Love xxx