Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 5

So I'm getting close to the end of the Launch plan. I don't think about it as the end though, but as the beginning of permanent changes in my diet. Like I mentioned before, I'm going to follow the Juice Yourself Slim suggestion and have smoothies/juices for breakfast then same or soup for either lunch or dinner.
Today I had my first (I think) food craving this week. I really fancy a salmon with some vegetables. Here's the idea what to have for dinner on Monday :) I'm really pleased to crave this sort of food and not chocolate, crisps, etc. Must admit, chocolate is actually last thing I would want to eat. Smell of it actually made me feel a little sick today, when a person at the office was tucking into their chocolate cheesecake on bourbon biscuit base. Even thinking about it now makes me feel slightly sick. Good sign I suppose.
On the weight/inch loss side, which I think many of reading my posts might be curious about, I did notice today that might trousers aren't as tight as they were last week. I haven't weighed myself before starting the programme, as it wasn't my priority to lose weight and my workout routine is causing muscle gain and these weigh more than fat, so the numbers on the scales wouldn't really be a good measure anyway. I have definitely lost some inches overall, I notice that by my clothes. I would lie if I said it makes no difference, I am after all as body conscious as probably most women are. But the most important effect of the Launch is the way I feel, my sky high energy level, brighter skin (even spots started going away :) and better mood. I'm confident to say that even if I didn't lose any weight while juicing I would still be extremely happy that I did it. Feeling good inside makes feeling good outside.
Tomorrow for the first time this week I will be using my teeth, salad for dinner is on the Launch Plan Menu. Looking forward to it, mainly because one of the ingredients is pesto, which is one of my favourite sauces.
That will be all today. Weekend has now officially started, I planned a lot of relaxing, some pampering and of course runs and gym sessions. Also going to attend a yoga class, my body, especially legs, need some stretching after all the running etc I've done this week. All workouts been quite intense, I had to use this huge energy somewhere.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!!
Talk soon xxxx

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