Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 3

I'm fully juiced!!! Today's fuel was again delicious and full of colours. I feel full of energy and happier than I felt just before starting the plan. I also noticed improvement in my performance on the treadmill. I ran not only faster, but wasn't as tired I normally after finishing 5k run. I even skipped chill out on the bike and moved straight away to rowing machine, stepper and cross trainer. I think so far this is my favourite effect of juicing.
Day 3 brought another surprise. Another person at my work place asked me to coach her through juicing plan, she's been a yoyo dieter for years and wishes to try something that might keep the weight off and get rid of the sugar cravings. I think she's also charmed by the quick weight loss as going on holiday in few weeks time. Even if she's only looking at quick fix as I'm suspecting, I'm convinced that by the end of 7 days on juices she will not be back to eating unhealthy too soon if at all. I'll make sure she doesn't haha.
I've been thinking a little today about the menu for the weeks to follow. I decided to stick to the Juice Yourself Slim recommendation. 2 liquid meals (juice, smoothie or soup) a day at least 5 days a week and 1 "solid" meal. The weekend plan can be more flexible, although I think I will stick to 2 liquid meals. I love and always loved juices, smoothies and soups so I won't be giving up on anything. And will endless combinations of fruit and veg I don't think I will ever get bored of it. I might throw some porridge with berries or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on some Sundays, when I have bit more time to prepare breakfast (or when it's cooked for me). Thinking about "solid" meals, the choice is also endless. Different salads, fish and vegetable dishes won't leave me bored and unsatisfied with my food. Must admit, really looking forward to having steamed salmon with baked sweet potato chips or a simple mushroom stir fry. It's not a craving, but just an idea what I'm going to have after Launch programme.
On more spiritual side I'm filled with positive energy. I haven't noticed massive changes to my figure yet, which to be totally honest I'm not really that bothered about. I'm a healthy (for my height and frame) size 6/8 and I know I don't need to lose weight. Of course, like all of us women I have bits which I would rather not have (my thighs, but a lot of it is muscles built on the treadmill). Overall I think I'm making even bigger progress on accepting my own body. If you read my first post, you know I suffered from Eating Disorders most of my life and still am recovering from it. One thing juicing benefited from for my recovery is that I realised that it isn't that important to be skinny. I feel much better being slim and healthy than I felt being size "0"and ill. When I was starving myself, refusing my body sometimes any fuel whatsoever I felt unhappy and miserable. Typically for all Eating Disorders suffer more weight I've lost, bigger I thought (and seen in the mirror) I was. Now, full of natures best foods, I feel a lot happier and better in my own skin. I would never think that this plan will result in that kind of effect, better than years of therapy and force-feeding I had to go through on the road to recovery.
Not sure whether Jason Vale - the designer of the juicing plan - thought about the effects of it on the Eating Disorders sufferers and ex-sufferers, but if he hasn't I strongly recommend to look into it. Juices give a lot more nutrients than a lot of foods I've been advised to consume during my recovery and I think packing some nutrients into starved bodies is the main thing.
That would be it for today. Tonight I'm going to treat myself to a nice face mask in the bath, followed by a good night sleep. Oh, that's another thing I nearly forgot to mention. I sleep a lot more free of all stimulants such as coffee and refined sugars. And my body loves it!!!

Have a very good evening everyone!!! Talk soon xxx

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