Saturday, 12 May 2012

Gym bunnies

I've spent my Saturday morning, like pretty much every Saturday morning, at the gym. I love my sessions, my 5k run, cooling down on the bike, rowing, classes, etc. I could probably live there if they provided beds and wardrobes big enough to accommodate all my shoes.
As a nosey creature, I do sometimes like to watch others work out. Do admire all determined women, working hard on losing these few lbs they don't feel comfortable with, geeky guys on the cross trainer, body builders pumping weights heavier than them and all the Sunday-gymmers as I call them, who appear there once in few months, looking rather lost trying to work out how to adjust the speed on the treadmill. But the ones I would like to talk about today are Gym Bunnies. And the reason I mention these is the one I have seen this morning. I must say, I am little impressed with her dedication. Most I manage first thing in the morning before setting off for my session is brushing my teeth and putting first piece of clothing I find in the wardrobe. And here she is. Wearing tiny pair of bright pink shorts, just as pink cropped top, both enhancing her freshly sprayed on tan. Her hair styled following the latest fashion, looking as if she literally just left the hair salon next door to our gym (maybe she did...). And the face - foundation, cheeks splashed with gentle blush, glittery pink lips and telescopic lashes. She walks on the treadmill slowly, as if she was a model walking the catwalk. Every now and then she looks around, sending gentle smile to a giant lifting weights in the corner. Secretly I glance at the speed  she set her machine to - 3 km/h. That's just over a mile!!! No wonder she hasn't got a single sweat drop on her gorgeous face. Looking at her feet I realise - she's wearing espadrilles (pink of course). I suppose it could be hard to run in these and would definitely cause a nasty injury.
I can't help but wonder - what is she doing at the gym? Surely, at that speed she could walk anywhere else, our gym is located at the back of large shopping centre - why won't she just go for a walk around the shops? With today's sunny weather she could even wear the same outfit. Why then? I suppose I could ask, but I'm not that cheeky. Everyone has their reasons to go to the gym and it's not my place to question it I guess. So I adjust speed to complete my 5k and move to the bike to read a copy of Zest Magazine I brought along. Gym bunny slows down slightly, she must be tired poor thing, after all she's already been on the treadmill for 15 mins.
Some time later, just as I'm about to complete my run, she stops. After performing what I believe meant to be stretching, she leaves the machine and swinging her hips walks towards the changing room. The giant's in the corner eyes follow her, dangerously focusing on her barely covered in pink bum.
5k done - I'm sweating, my face is bright red, water tastes like ambrosia in my mouth. Moving onto the bike to cool down a bit and browse through the mag, I see her walking out from the changing room, Wearing cropped denim jacket over her pink outfit and carrying little Louis Vuitton handbag. She looks stunning, just as she did earlier on the treadmill. I think I'm not the only one that noticed her, two girl's on the cross trainers behind me whisper to each other and I swear I hear the word "slut" coming out of ones mouth. Well, it is not our place to judge. I'm not judging, just watching. And must say, I do envy this pink-lady a little. I wish I was as determined as her to make sure my hair and make up always looks perfect, no matter where I am.
Out of many gym bunnies I see in my gym, she was by far the most glamorous one. It wouldn't shock me if she was wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos on the treadmill. Must admit, hope to see her again next Saturday. I wonder what colour she will be wearing then. Hope she has a full membership, not just a day guest pass :)

That's all today. Talk to you soon.

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