Thursday, 10 May 2012

This is who I am

Thought I'll introduce myself before getting started with juicy posts:)
So here it comes: I'm 26 woman with a bit of mid-twenties crisis, who wishes she could still be in her teens (life is so much simpler when all you have to do is get up and go to school ha ha, believe me all you teens reading it, enjoy till it lasts :). I love sports, especially running, am passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle (and juicing of course). Throughout my teens and early twenties I suffered from Eating Disorders and although recovered, I'm still learning to love my body the way it is.
3 years ago I've been a victim of a crime (I'm not yet ready to go into details here, please forgive me), which transformed me as a person and made me realise life is fragile and I should live it up.  Since then I see the world in a different way than I used to.
I work full time, it isn't my dream job though. My goal is to become a Personal Trainer and nutritionist and I'm currently looking for the suitable courses. The one I think I will be starting as soon as possible is the Juice Therapist course with Jason Vale aka The Juice Master. As you will probably notice in my posts to follow, I'm passionate about juicing and want to juice the world (already started with the part of it near me ;).
What else, well I love and I am loved, and it gives me wings. For the first time in my life I am truly happy and fulfilled. Must admit, it feels amazing and I wish everyone to experience it.
So I think that's it for now. Hope I didn't make anyone (if anyone actually read it) fall asleep. If I did - sweet dreams, if I haven't - hope you read me again :)

Juicy love everyone xxx

P.S. Starting 7 days plan from Jason Vale's "Juice Yourself Slim" on Monday. Will be posting daily about my experience and what it does for my body, soul and mind :) Maybe someone will find it helpful. Happy to advice as much as I can :)

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