Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 2

Second day of The Launch Programme went smoothly and quickly. As always all my juices and smoothies tasted great, so did green veggie soup I had for dinner. I felt little bit sleepy, but I put it down to the rainy weather, not the programme. After afternoon power plate session energy levels jumped up, I only felt bit cold (damn weather again), but putting heating on sorted this problem out. Talking of which, I can't believe I had to put heating on in May!!! Where will the summer finally start I want to know???!!!
On the physical side I feel really good. Having my juices when I start feeling hungry leaves me fully satisfied, without any actual food cravings. The only thing I am missing a little is coffee. Not as much for the effect it gives me, but for the taste, so even decaf would do right now haha. This made me realise I don't actually need caffeine and even after finishing the Launch I might have it only occasionally, maybe over the weekends only.
Energy levels were up and down today, but like I mentioned earlier, it's definitely because of the weather. I never reacted well to cold and rain.
My body is definitely cleansing (I will not go into details here, but think you know what I mean). I already feel lighter inside, my stomach started to get bit flatter as well, which is a good sign. Having psyllium husks definitely helps the juices here.
My mind loves the juicing just as much as my body. I've noticed my concentration improved, also apparently I'm more patient than I was according to people that work with me. Good thing I suppose, considering the fact that I have to deal with loads of sometimes very annoying people every day.

When doing the 7lb in 7 days programme few months ago, one thing that made it quite hard for me was lack of support and constant nagging by the mentioned work colleagues. Surprisingly, the worst ones were 2 women on a constant diet, members of Weight Watchers and Slimming World clubs. None of them even wanted to try the juices, which apparently looked like mould (probably because the were green), despite me offering them a little taste every time I had something new. Trying to talk to them about how good fresh juices and smoothies are on the nutritional side was like trying to explain the big bang theory to a 2 year old. They gave up the 2nd time I did the detox, deciding that I must be too daft to understand that Weight Watchers ready meal is better for me than juice made of fresh fruit and veg. Same this time, which was quite a relief. Nobody commented or asked me what I'm doing. Until this morning. One of the serial dieters took me on the side and asked if she could borrow my "Juice yourself slim" book and whether I wouldn't mind talking her through the programme!!!!! You can imagine how shocked I was. And proud in the same time. Finally someone understood!!! Anyway, she's planning to start next Monday, so I will restrain my excitement until she actually completes at least 2 or 3 days of the Launch. Hopefully if she succeeds others will follow. And let me tell you, there's few people at my work that need a serious detox and some pounds off.

That's pretty much it as for Day 2. My life hasn't changed at all. I'm not missing out on anything by not having "solid" food or junk. I still go to work, do the house work, etc and tomorrow I'm even going to the pub to meet a friend I haven't seen for a while. That will be fun, me sitting there sipping water with lemon, while he's downing his pints haha.

Beauty sleep time now. Talk tomorrow (might be very briefly, depending on what time I get back from my pub trip).
Juicy dreams xxx   


  1. Really interesting to read how you're getting on! I would have thought that your colleagues would be interested in what you were doing, I know that if someone I knew was doing it I'd love to try some! Perhaps they think that it won't be very filling. I'm glad that it's working well for you, good luck with the rest!

    1. Thank you! I though they might be interested too, but maybe some people are just worried that they wouldn't cope without "solid" food, don't know. Well anyway today second person asked me for little coaching on juicing and is planning to start soon ready for the summer, so hope is here haha
      Thank you for taking time to read x