Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I've been tagged to write all that will follow by by lovely friend Lynn via Baby Steps... blog (which I absolutely love). As I'm always up for anything like this, I though, hey why not (haha here we have the first why). I was meant to do it as a time killer on Friday, while on the way up north (4hr total on 3 trains, argh, but with someone special waiting at the last stop, so well worth the pain), but as I've just done workout planned for today and have some spare time, decided I will do it now.
So here it goes!!!

Why is it always raining when I have a day off work and sun comes out when I'm working? (weather is what drives me mad recently).

Why I always see something I want to buy day before payday, but when go to buy it the next day, it's no longer there?

Why people waste my time?

Why has day got only 24 hrs? I need at least 8 more to do everything I want and sleep.

Why does that dream dress look fabulous on the hanger, but when I put it on suddenly turns into the worse piece of clothing ever designed?

Why is time going really slow when we're waiting for something and super fast when it comes?

Why do I always forget to take the shopping list I've been preparing for a week when going food shopping?

Why there's no free tables at the only restaurant I want to go to?

Why are the bus drivers so rude, after all without passengers they wouldn't have a job?

Why would some people rather take money off the government than earn their living?

Why tomato is described as a fruit?

Why isn't banoffee pie classed as 1 of 5 a day, it does have bananas?

Why do some girls look gorgeous without make up and I have to use whole content of my make up bag to look at least half decent?

Why can't my skin be as good as the models on the advert of that spot treatment thing I'm using?

Why clothes shrink in the wash, even though I followed the instructions on the label?

Why do I wake up at silly o'clock every Sunday and can't open my eyes on a Monday?

Why is law in this country so ridiculous?

Why do I always crave chocolate once a month?

Why is male ladybird called ladybird as well?

Why films look so interesting on the trailers, but turn out to be very boring when watched in full?

Why am I always the last person to understand a naughty joke?

Why do I like Winnie the Pooh cartoons so much, apparently I'm too old for them?

Right, this would be it. Can't think of any more whys at the moment, normally I ask loads of "why" questions, always nosy and curious abut everything and when I finally have chance to put them all in one place my mind is completely empty? WHY?

Have a great evening xx

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