Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day before the launch

Juicing starts tomorrow morning. My fridge is over flowing with fresh fruit and veg, so is my kitchen worktop. Juicer replaced coffee maker, my brand new Gordon Ramsey blender standing right next to it. Kitchen has officially turned into a Juice Bar I'm actually proud off.
I'm ready and excited for the upcoming week. Been thinking today and now considering juicing for 2 weeks, starting same plan over as soon as it's finished. But that might change, depending how I feel at the end of the first week.
I thought before sharing my daily juicy experience, I should write a little more about this program, to highlight what I'm actually doing and what am I doing it for. 
The program I will be following from tomorrow (I don't want to call it a diet, as it's so much more than that, I think word detox describes it most accurately) is from Jason Vale's (aka Juice Master) book called "Juice Yourself Slim". For 7 days all that's consumed is freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices and made using them smoothies, with homemade soups for an evening meal and salads on two last evening. When ordering the book from website I received free wall planner with a full menu for each day and recipes for every single juice etc. I used same wall planner while doing Jason Vale's 7lb in 7 days plan and found it extremely handy, saving a lot of time you would spend using book alone. And time for all of us is precious, especially if we're working full time or are a full time mum. I highly recommend getting a wall planner to everyone wishing to do the program.
As for ingredients, the shopping list is available to download for free from Juice Master's website. Again, very useful.
After gathering all the materials comes time for preparations to Juicy Week. And this is extremely important and makes sticking to the program a lot easier, especially if you've never done anything like it before.
First of all - read the book. It answers every questions you might have and tells you exactly what to expect. As all Jason's books, this one is also written with a bit of humour and in very simple, understandable for everyone English. You find out a lot about power of the fuel you will be consuming while on the program and about nutrition and healthy living in general. 
Step 2 - shopping. I already own a juicer and blender (well had to buy a new blender, as my old one couldn't handle a pressure of daily usage anymore), so that came of the list. All the other ingredients are easily available at the local supermarket, farmer's market, etc. Spirulina powder - a superfood supplement - used in some of the recipes, is cheapest to buy in Holland&Barret (£11.99 for 200g, will last for a long time, even used daily).
Step 3 for me is today - a treat. Saying farewell to sugar, coffee and others for at least a week. Well I think sugary foods won't be welcome on my table for lot longer than a week. Coffee shall return in victory, in limited quantities though, soon after finishing the program. What can I say, coffee is my biggest weakness, I just love the smell of freshly grounded beans in the morning, not to mention flavours of all different blends. Anyway, back on the subject. 
For the next 7 days you're supposed to stick to the juicing plan created by Jason Vale. It's been carefully designed to give your body all the nutrients it needs, feeding it with Earth's finest ingredients. It might be challenging, especially if you're leading busy lifestyle and are on the go most of the time. I treated myself to few flasks to take juices with me to work etc. If you're making juices in advance, it's best to make them in the morning on the day, although I've found making them in the evening day before a lot easier, it gave me some extra time in the morning to do some exercise. Now, if for any reason you're unable to pre-make juices or smoothies, don't panic and stop the program. From Jason Vale's book I've found out that on this occasions we can use our in-built juicer/blender - digestive system. A banana, apple, handful of greens etc will be good enough replacement if you haven't got your juice with you while on the go. All to remember is to chew thoroughly to brake the food into easy digestible pieces. 
Now, exercise. It's not something new to me, as I do exercise quite a lot, a least 4 times every week. On the program you're supposed to exercise daily, even if it's just a longer brisk walk (good old tip - walk to or from work, or get off the bus/tube one stop earlier ;). We all know how important it is to move to stay in a good shape, inside and out, so I won't preach about it here.
That would be it I guess. Just a brief (ish) highlight of the program.

Big Day 1 tomorrow - from my experience I know I will suffer the caffeine withdrawal in form of a massive headache, but it usually lasts for one day in my case, so I think I can cope with that. I will post in the evening how did the first day go anyway, even if it's just a brief update. I will most probably be tweeting about it throughout the day as well (@agzzzz).

Have a nice Sunday evening everyone, talk to you soon xxx

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