Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 1

Yesterday around this time I was slightly concerned whether I will feel energetic enough today to even turn my laptop on, let alone write a post about my first day on The Launch Programme. As you can read I managed both :) 
I knew I will experience headache as a result of caffeine withdrawal, especially being a heavy coffee drinker. Yes, I do have a bit of headache, but nothing I couldn't cope with. It's actually slowly going away and I'm sure after relaxing bubble bath I have planned for this evening it will completely disappear.
So, I woke up this morning extremely excited to begin juicing. I started my day with Avocado Crush Smoothie in gorgeous sunny yellow colour. Sipped slowly for about half hour at work, while everyone at the office were tucking into their bacon cobs or chocolate biccies washed down with one or the other caffeinated drink. And believe it or not - I didn't crave anything they were having (well ok maybe coffee a little). This yellow goodness, containing pineapple and lime juice, blended with some avocado and loads of ice. Truly refreshing, perfect start of a day. It was also very filling, keeping hunger off for next few hours till I had my "brunch" - Beta Carrot Juice , packed with loads of veg including fresh beetroot, which gave it sweet dark red colour. Again, very filling and delicious in taste. Lunch was green smoothie - Fennel Fuel, mix of pineapple, cucumber, lime and fresh fennel juice blended with avocado and ice.  Tasted as good as it looked and like other juices and smoothies was full of nutrients. Fennel is great for digestion, having this smoothie on the first day of the Launch definitely helps the body to get rid of all the waste and toxins. 
As I wasn't hungry for quite a while after my Brunch, lunch was more like a Linner (Jason's term for meal between lunch and dinner), therefore I skipped the Linner planned for me by Juice Master (one of the key principles of any juicy programme - don't eat/drink unless you're actually hungry and don't force your fuel down). Felt a little more tired and sleepy than usually, which I put down to not having coffee, so decided to have a little rest after getting home from work. Half hour on the sofa with cup of green tea and Cosmopolitan done the job just fine :). As I felt a little cold too, I decided the best warm up will be exercise. Did 20 mins bouncing workout on my mini trampoline. Straight away my heart was pounding and I had to get changed to something less cosy than warm Aran Knit jumper. This bit of bouncing also filled me with a lot of energy very much needed to make my dinner - butternut squash and carrot soup.
I must admit, I was looking forward to having soup for dinner. Main reason being my love of liquidised cooked veggies, but also I do like having something warm on a cold day and today weather wasn't spoiling us in Midlands (summer please come quick!!!).
Dinner was delicious are very satisfying. I've found that natural sweetness of carrots and butternut squash completely eliminated my usual post-dinner desert cravings. Credit to Jason Vale here - great idea for serving sweet tasting evening meal on the first day - for many of us it's that after dinner dessert that might be hardest to give up. 
Right now, I'm having cup of peppermint tea (very good for digestion, perfect to drink after any meal) and feel absolutely amazing. Looking forward to tomorrow, can't wait to taste some more new juices and smoothies. My favourite part of any new juicing programme I do is discovering new flavours and recipes. I am a foodie, especially when it comes to healthy and nutritious foods. My juices today had colours of the rainbow and taste of ambrosia, I'm sure tomorrow's will be exactly the same. 
That would be it for today I guess, if you have any questions about my day one, please ask in comments or on Twitter. 
Off to run myself bubbly shea butter bath. Have a juicy night everyone.
Talk to you soon xxx

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